Rejected List

Game Reason
Bro Fall Not a good game and microtation hell
CorsixTH Need the original paid game to play all but a demo level
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive You have to pay for anticheat, full of microtations and toxic community
Empire Earth Not legitimately free
Lost Ark While free, too much focus on microtations and a poor all round game play experience
Neverball Horrible graphics, horrible sound, not a good game
ROLLCAGE STAGE II Game does not work on all tested computers
The Sims™ 4 Reject based on necessity of DLC and microtransactions
Trackmania (2020) Little to no fee content. Soooo much push to pay + adds
Tremulous Replaced by Unvanquished
Urban Terror It is free but it's very dated and there are a lot of better FPS games