Fast paced fun futuristic arena first-person shooter


Xonotic is a free, first-person shooter renowned for its speed and precision-oriented gameplay, featuring advanced movement mechanics similar to classics like Quake. Its high skill ceiling and user-generated content sets it apart from other shooters, while a variety of game modes, well-crafted maps, and extensive arsenal keeps the gaming experience fresh and strategic. Despite its potentially steep learning curve for newcomers and graphics that may not compete with AAA titles, Xonotic's challenging yet rewarding gameplay, combined with a vibrant community, makes it a standout arena shooter. To get started, download the latest stable version from the official website, and consider trying out bot matches to familiarize yourself with the mechanics. Check out the community forums and the Master Hellish YouTube channel for tips and tutorials, and soon, you'll be mastering the art of rocket-jumping.

Key Notes

  • Good gameplay with some fun maps and weapons
  • Can be tricky to install, many report unziping quirks



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Let's Play

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