Probably the best retro transport sim ever



OpenTTD, a remake of the 1994 game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, is a standout business simulation game where players run a company, aiming to transport passengers and freight via road, rail, water, and air. The game stands the test of time due to its adaptability to modern hardware, an active online community, and a vast modding scene that expands gameplay possibilities. One of its unique features is its open-world layout, allowing players full access to the world and places within it. It presents a variety of climates, game customization options, and an array of vehicles to manage an expanding transport network. The end-game is to score the best by 2051, but players can continue to expand their empire beyond this. The game's drawback lies in its low-resolution graphics, which, despite mod improvements, remain inferior to other simulation games. Yet, the appeal of OpenTTD lies in its complex and rewarding gameplay, providing a challenging platform for both single-player and multiplayer modes. To begin your OpenTTD journey, visit or Steam and download the latest stable version.

Key Notes

  • Good gameplay and features despite low graphics and basic music
  • Easy to get started a challenge to master
  • Longer style gameplay for long or multiple game sessions; solo, online or LAN.
  • Small download and install size
  • Active development and community



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